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Customer data storage

We would like to inform you about the way we store your data at Buller District Libraries, taking effect 17 May, 2024.  

We changed the system how we store customer data that Buller District Libraries uses for our library catalogue, customer records, and a variety of other library services. Previously, your library membership details were held in data centres located in Christchurch and Auckland.

From the 17 May 2024, this data will stored at data centres in Melbourne and Adelaide. 

Data Change FAQ's

The reason for this change is so that we can continue to offer modern library services and to maintain robust security of library and customer information. In the constantly-evolving and fast-moving world of technology services, it’s really important that our library management systems are future-proofed. In addition to continuing to provide a secure service to our customers, making these changes now also means that our systems will be able to benefit from future enhancements.

From 8pm on Wednesday 15 May through to 8am on Friday 17 May, access to your library account and the library’s electronic resources will be unavailable, while these changes are being made.

From 17 May onwards, while the look and feel of some services may alter slightly, there will be no significant change in the user experience.

The main thing for you to be aware of is that from 17 May, your library membership information will now be stored in secure data centres used by our vendor (SirsiDynix Ltd) which are based in Australia.

After the migration has taken place, there will be no change to our usual services or customer experience.

The information you provided when you joined the library is stored in your library customer record, for example: your name, your date of birth, your contact email address, your phone numbers, your home address, and in some cases a backup contact.

The new data centre meets ISO international standards for security and reliability. Library information held there will be accessed via an encrypted virtual private network, and will not be exposed to the public internet. We are confident that library information including membership data will remain secure. We hope this provides reassurance for our customers.

If you do not wish for your own data to be part of this move, you may choose to cancel your library membership no later than Monday 6 May
All you will need to do to cancel your membership is get in contact with us. You can call us on 03 788 8030, or email [email protected] 
(Note that if there are any outstanding fees owing on the account, these will need to be paid before the account can be fully closed.)

We are not able to make any exceptions to library membership information being moved to the Australia-based data centre. Note that while borrowing is not possible without membership, there are many in-library services that will remain available.

Buller District Libraries is a member of a New Zealand-wide consortium of public libraries called Kōtui, which is managed by the National Library of New Zealand.

The National Library, as part of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), followed the expected project protocols to ensure that all systems and vendors involved were compliant with DIA security requirements.

The National Library then shared all project documentation with Buller District Libraries. Based on this information our management team agreed to this infrastructure change, as did all other members (40 local councils) of the Kōtui consortium.


  • Equinix
    Equinix facility ME 2, Port Melbourne
  • YourDC
    DC1 Edinburgh Parks, Adelaide



If you have any questions please contact Nicky Meadowcroft, Buller District Libraries Manager, via email [email protected]  or Phone 03 788 8030.

Remember, if you would like to decline this change before the data change occurs, please get in contact with us by 6 May, 2024.

If at anytime in the future you would like to remove yourself from the new database, please let us know.

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